12 oz Creamed Honey

12 oz Creamed Honey


🍯It may have taken 5 months but our limited addition Creamed Honey is finally ready! 🍯

Did you know?

🐝 Creamed honey is actually honey that has undergone controlled crystallization. The crystals are incredibly fine – much smaller than normal – giving it the luxurious feel of double cream on the tongue! Production involves adding a ‘creamed honey culture’ which then starts to spread throughout the honey, creating those fine crystals. The entire process took just over 5 months by taking one jar of crystallized honey and grinding it endlessly with a mortar and pestal to create the "mother" then letting that cure until we could add a dash of it to the bigger batch. Slowly but surely the tiny crystals spread throughout getting softer and softer.

🐝 This lengthy process is why we have a limited supply.

🐝 What do with creamed honey? Well, it has an irresistably smooth, spreadable consistency. Use it in exactly the same way as you would any other honey. Add a little creamed honey to buttered biscuit or toast for a yummy breakfast dish that’s hard to beat!

All honey from Cheeky Little Piggy Farm is from right here on the farm in Boring, OR. Our hives are never moved so their nectar sources are a vast variety of flowering fruit trees, wildflowers, clover.