A Small Family Homestead Preserving An Old Way Of Life

Here you will find farm produced jams/jellies, syrups, BBQ sauces, Goat Milk Soaps, farm aprons and the best of our natural honey bee products!

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Save The Bees Gift Set

All our favorites in one adorable basket. As Spring sneaks up on us we can feel the buzz of excitement as our hives once again start coming alive. We felt inspired and pulled all the scents and treats that remind us of our sweet friends. Are you a lover of bees? Want to support our honeybee preservation efforts? Every purchase helps us keep doing what we love for those small creatures that are essential for our survival.

  • Animals On The Farm

    Our animals are not caged in small spaces but roam free and are our natural pest control.

  • We Grow What We Make

    We want to know exactly what goes into our products. We are proud to harvest at the peak of ripeness for the very best flavors.

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  • So much more...

    Finding your way back to nature and the ways of preserving and living as our ancestors did comes with blessings you couldn't imagine.